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Junction Bicycle, your East Valley Sales & Repair Center. We’ve been servicing the East Valley for 22 years, so we know you have a choice in purchasing and/or repairing your bicycle! 

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A properly assembled and tuned bike is more likely to be safe as well as a lot more fun to ride… and that counts for a lot!

Junction Bike takes great care and pride in our mechanical work and it shows. Our store has one of the best reputations in the East Valley for having a superior service department. Whether you need brakes installed, or a complete overhaul, our service department will take care of you.

Let us Flatproof your tires!

Let Us Flat Proof Your Tires, so you can enjoy miles of riding each year without the fear of a flat tire. Our Flat Proof contains a three part system of a thorn resistant inner tube, a liner and a specially designed sealant to prevent your tires from getting that dreaded flat. Our staff will give you complete instructions on how to care for your flat proofing in order to get the most miles out of it.

A complete inspection, cleaning, adjustment, and lubrication of your bicycle. Junction Bicycle adjust gears and brakes, adjust the headset, bottom bracket, axle cones and check all nuts and bolts during a tune up. We will also lube your bike as needed. During a tune-up, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can be in for safe and reliable operation. Parts and installation labor are not included. We recommend a Tune-Up at least once per year for all bicycles. Our Basic Tune-Up starts at $40 for most bicycles.

An overhaul is a complete reconditioning of your bicycle. During an overhaul, we completely disassemble your entire bike in detail. We hand clean all components, re-lube them, re-install them, and re-assemble your bicycle. Then we perform a complete tune-up. An overhaul gives a dirty, well ridden bicycle a new life and greatly reduces wear and tear on all of its components. During an overhaul, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can be in for safe and reliable operation. Parts are not included in the price. We recommend overhauls based on the condition of your bike. If you ride year round, or mountain bike in all conditions…an overhaul once a year will make your bike last longer!

We true bicycle wheels to their proper alignment. This service can be added to your Basic Tune-Up at an additional price.

The wide availability of inexpensive, well-built replacement wheels has reduced the need for wheel building. Nevertheless, there are still times when custom built (or re-built) wheels are needed, especially in the case of higher-end bikes that have expensive hubs that are too good to throw away.

Let the trained mechanics at Junction Bicycle build your wheels today.

We offer a Professional Assembly Service for our customers who have purchased their bike at a department store.

Let our professionals disassemble and pack your bicycle for shipping.

our Rates

Basic Tune-up

$ 40
  • Includes lubricate chain and cables. Adjust shifting of front and rear. Spot true wheels. Plus a light wipe down of the bike.


$ 120
  • Includes all from Advanced Tune as well as full disassembly,cleaning, and regreasing of hubs,bottom bracket, and headset.

Advanced Tune-up

$ 70
  • Basic tune + deep cleaning of drivetrain, removing both wheels for truing in true stand, & setting bearings to proper tension.

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This is the place you MUST go to for your biking needs. The shop has the characteristics you want from a merchant; friendly, honest and knowledgeable. 

Dave A.

Gold Canyon, AZ


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